Bologna Coordination Commission Meeting is held in Prof. Dr. Bektaş AÇIKGÖZ Conference Hall. Along with Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Ibrahim KADI and Prof. Dr. Dilek DADAYLI PAKTAS, all the academic and administrative personnel attended the meeting which commenced after the silence of respect and the national anthem.

The Director of ECTS and Diploma Supplement Board Assistant Prof. Dr. Devrim ÜMİT: “Intensive and effective studies carried out for the past two years by our university for the Bologna Process which was initiated so as to empower the research and development capacity and higher education in the European Union countries progresses with success. In this process, the European Union countries aim to evaluate the higher education institutions in the framework of efficiency and constitute a common understanding of quality in Europe.

Our university has so far completed bilateral agreements for many academic departments with the 18 European Union member countries. Also, there is at least one student from Karabuk University in each of these universities.”

Assistant Prof. Dr. Devrim ÜMİT also mentioned the activities carried out in this scope in our university: “Academic Evaluation and Quality Development Board and Bologna Coordination Commission are founded. Bologna web page is prepared. Informative seminars are held. Efficiency and learning printouts (both Turkish and English) of all of the academic programs (associate, graduate and post graduate) within our university are prepared. Information packages (both Turkish and English) of these programs (associate, graduate and post graduate) are prepared for the internet. European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and Diploma Supplement are prepared. Accordingly, for the lessons of all the programs in our university, ECTS’s are given at the discretion of our instructors, with a total of 30 ECTS each term. Diploma Supplements for all of the programs (associate, graduate and post graduate) in our university are prepared and are began to be given as of 2009-2010 education year without a fee.

Sample Diploma Supplements are sent to the Council of Higher Education (YOK). Student and instructor movements are provided. Student and instructor satisfaction surveys are conducted. Student representatives are included into the system. 2008 and 2009 ADEK and BCC reports are prepared.”

BCC Responsible Vice Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim KADI, who presented the 2009-2010 Education Year BCC Evaluation Report, gave a statistical comparison of national and worldwide universities to our university. Prof. Dr. İbrahim KADI also mentioned the activities that are carried out so far and the activities that need to be done henceforth, said: “Academic evaluation and quality development is an ongoing process. In some areas, it is possible to make improvements without spending any resources. These areas are detected in Development Plan, ADEK Report, BCC Report, Strategic Plan and Yearly Performance Plans and improvement process is going on.
An important distance has been covered thanks to adaptable and devoted input of all of our academic – administrative personnel and students. I believe this development will continue with a growing speed.”

Having answered the questions after the presentations, Vice Rectors Prof. Dr. Ibrahim KADI and Prof. Dr. Dilek DADAYLI PAKTAS presented one student of programs with graduates their representational Diploma Supplement.

The following students received their diploma supplements in the name of their departments:

Technical Education Faculty:
Habip DOGAN and Cagdas DEMIREL from Casting Department,
İsmail KÖSE and İhsan SARIİPEK from Installation Department,
Ömer Faruk SEL from Automotive Department,

Safranbolu Conventional School:
Şaban GÜNAY from Accounting Department,

Karabük Vocational School
Bilal BENLiOĞLU Air Conditioning Department