Studies listed below were carried out in our university within the framework of the studies of Academic Assessment and Quality Improvement Committee;

  1. All academic staff is informed and included in the process by means of academic assessment and quality improvement seminars. In this context, a total of 5 (five) seminars are given to the academic staff of the university about Bologna Process ECTS / Diploma Supplement Preparation, Learning Outcomes and Proficiencies, Measurement and Evaluation.
  2. Academic Evaluation and Quality Improvement Guidelines were prepared.
  3. ADEK created a web page.
  4. Data bases were created.
  5. ECTS credits and Diploma Supplements were prepared in all units.
  6. Student Course Evaluation Questionnaire, Student Management Assessment Questionnaire, Academic Personnel Management Assessment Questionnaire, Administrative Personnel Management Survey were prepared and applied. The survey results were forwarded those concerned within the scope of quality improvement, and were discussed in the University Senate, the University Board of Directors.
  7. It was transferred to campus automation system.

Karabuk University evaluated the first academic year of 2010 by means of the data obtained as a result of these studies and prepared 2010 annual report for Academic Assessment and Quality Improvement. The performance values within the scope of quality development were presented in the relevant sections of the report.
The purpose of Karabuk University is to continue the studies of quality development, which started with 2010 academic self-assessment, with the studies of national and international external evaluation.
Self-assessment Charts were filled by scoring evaluation subjects in Karabuk University2010self-assessmentreportin the range of1-5. 1 is the lowest score, 3 is sufficient and the best level is 5.